2024 Course Offerings and Information

Registration opens January 1st, 2024. Those who register before March 31st receive an early-bird discount on all available classes.

Bourne Community Boating hosts a range of courses for all ages and sailing skill levels, in two flavors:

2024 Course Map
  • 4-Week Classes are the best option for learning to sail, and for those interested in progressing through the junior instructor & instructor program.
  • 1-Week Classes are the best option for either those who can’t commit to a longer program, or for those who just want to give sailing a try. If you’re unsure if sailing is for you, 1-week classes are a great option to test the waters.

Class times:
Mummichogs: 9:00 to 11:30 am
Beginners, Adv Beginners & Bullseyes: 8:30 am to noon
Sailapalooza, Intermediates & Learn to race/Adventurers: 1 to 4:30 PM

Prices (early bird pricing until March 31st):
1 Week classes: $225 for year-round Bourne resident, $275 for non-Bourne
4 Week classes: $1000 for year-round Bourne resident, $1050 for non-Bourne

Full Day Option: For families seeking an all-day program or for children who can’t get enough sailing, there is a flexible full-day option as well; simply sign up for both a morning and afternoon class. Students can sign up for any pair of classes provided their time slots don’t conflict, and that they meet the prerequisites for that both courses. There will be a supervised beach lunch between morning and afternoon classes.

Course Requirements

All sailing school students will be subject to a swim check. This is to ensure that all students are comfortable in the water in case of an emergency. In addition, all courses require students to have the following items every day that they attend their class:

  • Lifejacket: Every student must bring a US Coast Guard approved lifejacket that fits properly and is in good condition. Lifejackets will be worn at all times on the water including on docks and beaches.
  • Closed-Toe Water Shoes: Closed toed shoes will be worn at all times. Some examples would be boat shoes, water shoes, closed toed sandals, or a pair of old sneakers. Flip-flops or open toed sandals will not be allowed.
  • Bathing Suit: A bathing suit that can be worn alone or under clothes is recommended as students will be getting wet throughout the day.
  • Towel: A dry towel must be brought every day.
  • Sunscreen: Sunblock must be applied BEFORE the student arrives each day to all exposed skin. Please note that staff are not allowed to apply sunblock to students.
  • Sweatshirt/Light Jacket: A warm sweatshirt, fleece or light jacket must be brought everyday. The weather can change quickly and students need to be prepared with a warm and dry layer.
  • Water Bottle: A full reusable or single use water bottle should be brought every day with your child’s name written clearly on it to prevent loss, confusion and/or mix-ups.

Classes will be held even on rainy days, except in the cases of severe wind or thunderstorms. Please ensure that your child brings adequate rain gear and warm clothing. If classes are to be cancelled, notifications will be sent out on that morning via text message and email.

Additional Information

  • Parking: Town of Bourne beach stickers are needed to legally park in the Marina parking lot at all times.
  • Drop-off / Pick-up time: Please arrive and depart class on time. Early drop-offs are not allowed, as our staff uses that time to prepare boats and equipment for the days’ activities. Late pickups result in staff being unable to prepare for the next class. Students are not permitted to hang around before and after classes.
  • Keeping in touch: Staff are often very busy immediately before and after class; if you have an issue you need discussed, please instead send an email to info@bournecommunityboating.org.
  • Scholarships: Bourne Community Boating has a generous Bourne Resident Discount program plus a need-based Scholarship program to help ensure there are no financial barriers to all full-time, year-round Bourne youth who are interested attending our classes.

    Scholarships are available in variable amounts to fit your family’s needs. We want to ensure that all students interested in participating can do so.  Please apply if a Scholarship will help your family be a part of BCB.

    Thank you to our generous donors, sponsors, and supporters who make this scholarship program possible!

4-Week Classes

Beginning Sailing is designed to introduce learners over the age of 7 to the basics of sailing. This class is most appropriate for students with very little or no former guided experience with sailboats. 8’ single handed prams are used for the instruction.

Advanced Beginners is designed for sailors who have completed the beginning sailing course and/or are comfortable with the sailing basics. 
Prerequisite: Instructor recommendation or assessment.

Intermediate Sailing is for sailors who have completed the advanced beginner class and/or have measurable experience on the water. 
Prerequisite: Instructor recommendation or assessment. Completion of grade 4 is recommended.

Adventurers / Learn to Race is a class for experienced learners who seek to continue skill development and exploration beyond intermediate sailing. Students enrolled in this class should have considerable experience single-handing and crewing on small boats.  BCB’s most advanced course, this class is intended as an introduction to competitive sailboat racing combined with days of sailing adventures. Sailors will use Bullseyes, Lasers and 420s in this class.
Prerequisite: Completion of the Intermediate Sailing class, or instructor recommendation or assessment. Completion of grade 4 recommended.

1-Week Classes

Mummichogs (Chogs) is a morning class for young learners between the ages of 6-8, designed to provide exposure to on/around the water learning experiences. Emphasis is placed upon fun, experiential/project based learning and developing comfort and confidence in the marine environment. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as leaders, and sessions are held weekly.

The Bullseye Class is a mixed level/ages class with 4 students and 1 instructor sailing in a bullseye each morning. Depending on skill levels when entering, by the end of the week, kids should feel comfortable in a sailboat, enjoy some nice sailing trips around Phinney’s Harbor and get comfortable at the helm.

Sailapalooza is a fun-centric, less structured course that emphasizes experience with different boats and exploring sailing trips in the area. This was a popular class, first introduced in 2012 and we look forward to bringing in back for 2024.

Safe Powerboat Handling Class is Full, but email if still interested. We'll keep you updated if space opens up.
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