Bullseye Class

This class is where students learn everything about sailing the Bullseye, a 16-foot keelboat. Students (in groups of 5 to 6, alongside an instructor) learn the ins and outs of sailing this particular boat, including preparing, launching, maneuvering, landing, and maintaining it. Students will not only learn how to skipper the boat but also crew for it, learning good communication practices with their groupmates in order to sail effectively. Students are also taught right-of-way, navigation via buoys, and other skills crucial for navigating a naval environment with other watercraft safely.

Target Experience

This class that is intended for students age 7+ who have little to no existing sailing experience, and want a brief, but directed introduction to the world of sailing. Because the course is only 1-week long, it’s a great option for students that want to see what sailing is like and gain an understanding of what working a sailboat entails, but without investing an entire month into a full 4-week course.

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