Beginners Class

Our Beginner’s Sailing course is an introductory class in our sailing curriculum and lays a foundation for the subsequent levels of BCB core classes. This course is taught by one or two instructors covering sailing essentials: knot tying, boat parts, rowing, rigging and derigging, launching and landing, sailing techniques, and maneuvering. Students primarily sail 8’ single-handed pram sailboats, with opportunities to try various other boats. The focus is on confidence building, safety, fun, and fostering respectful mariners, making it ideal for new sailors.

Those enrolled in this course also participate once a week in a STEM and marine biology based class known as Belly Biology. This class offers guided learning by instructors as well as guest appearances from around the marine world.

Target Experience

This course is designed for learners over the age of 7 (who have completed second grade by June). No previous experience with sailing is required, making it a great option for young learners interested in exploring the ocean.

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