2021 Info for Enrolled Students

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Important Information for Students and Families Enrolled in BCB Summer Sailing School

Drop off and pick up times:

  • Morning Classes: 8:30-12:00
  • Afternoon Classes: 1:00-4:30

Contact BCB with any questions at amy@bournecommunityboating.org!

Required Items for EVERY DAY at class:

Lifejacket: Every student must bring a US Coast Guard approved life jacket to every class, or he/she may not go out in the boats. There will be NO exceptions. The jacket must be the right size, in good condition, and marked with the child’s name.

Closed-toe Water Shoes: Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times to prevent injury. Boat shoes, water shoes, sneakers, closed-toe sandals, aqua socks, or other shoes with non-skid soles that will stay on the child’s foot and not be damaged by water (they will get wet and kids will swim with them on) are recommended.

Mask: UPDATE 6/16/21: Because our tent is open sided, masks will NOT be required while under the tent, or anywhere at BCB as our program is conducted completely outdoors. 

Bathing Suit: Bathing suit should be worn each day, and can be worn under other clothing. Swimming and/or getting very wet should be anticipated every day.

Sunblock: Sunblock must be applied BEFORE the student arrives each day to all exposed skin. Staff are not allowed to apply sunblock to students.

Towel: A dry towel must be brought every day.

Sweatshirt/Light Jacket: A warm sweatshirt, fleece or light jacket must be brought everyday.

Water bottle: A full, reusable water bottle should be brought every day. Water bottles CAN NOT BE SHARED, and there will be NO EATING OR SNACKS for students while at BCB in 2021.

2021 COVID notes: UPDATED 6/16/21: Masks are no longer required as BCB programs are conducted entirely outside!  There will be no large groups allowed under the tent, and no parents under the tent.  Staff will come to your car to sign students in/out. In 2021 there will be NO eating while at BCB. Please be patient with us as we work to perfect this new process, and if/when guidance changes we will adapt as we go.

Swim Check:  All sailing school students will be subject to a swim check.  This is to ensure that all students are comfortable in the water. Please contact BCB with any questions.

Belly Biology: Students participate in Belly Biology, our Marine Biology class, one day a week to learn about the animals and habitats that they sail around and on.

Bad weather: We will hold class on rainy days unless it is also very windy or there is the possibility of thunder and lightning. BE SURE YOUR CHILD BRINGS ADEQUATE RAIN GEAR AND WARM CLOTHING. If it is raining hard or there is the possibility of thunder and lightning, we will be canceling classes by text and email.

Class Problems: Most problems are easy to fix, but we need to know about them. Staff are often very busy immediately before and after class. If you have an issue you need discussed, arrange a good time to meet.

Drop off / Pick Up time:  Please arrive and depart class on time. Early drop-offs are not allowed, as our staff uses that time to prepare boats and equipment for the days’ activities. Late pickups result in staff being unable to prepare for the next class. Students are not permitted to hang around before and after classes. 2021 Notes: Staff will come to your car for an adult to sign in/out the students.  Please be patient as we work to develop a smooth process for this.

Parking: Town of Bourne beach stickers are needed to park in the Marina parking lot at all times.

 For questions about ANYTHING here, please contact Amy at amy@bournecommunityboating.org.  Thanks!

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