Important Info for Enrolled Students

Important Information for Students and Families Enrolled in BCB Summer Sailing School

Thank you for enrolling in BCB for 2017 Summer Sailing School! Please read the below carefully, there is a lot of information. Contact BCB with any questions!

Important Dates:

Saturday June 17: Fleet Launch Day- Volunteers Needed! Help us launch our boats 9:00 AM at Barlows Boat Yard. All volunteers get food, drinks, and previous year’s tshirts, while supplies last, provided by BCB!

Saturday June 24: Parent Orientation Day 9:00 AM at BCB Tent Monument Beach. Meet instructors and get all your questions answered. Child size lifejackets for sale $10.

Registration Forms and Physical Reports:

The Town of Bourne Board of Health REQUIRES BCB to keep on file a copy of each students Physical Report.  Please be sure you get this report to BCB before the start of classes to ensure your student can attend.

BCB E-Newsletter:

Your email address has been added to the BCB enewsletter list. This is a good way to find out what is going on at BCB throughout the year. If you would rather not receive these updates, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Required Items for EVERY DAY at class:

Lifejacket: Every student must bring a US Coast Guard approved life jacket to every class, or he/she may not go out in the boats. There will be NO exceptions. The jacket must be the right size, in good condition, and marked with the child’s name. The jacket must be worn on the floats and in the boats at all times.

Closed-toe Shoes: Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times to prevent injury. Boat shoes, water shoes, sneakers, closed-toe sandals or other shoes with non-skid soles that will stay on the child’s foot and not be damaged by water (they will get wet) are recommended.

Bathing Suit: Bathing suit should be worn each day, and can be worn under other clothing. Swimming and/or getting very wet should be anticipated every day.

Sunblock: Sunblock must be applied BEFORE the student arrives each day to all exposed skin.

Towel: A dry towel must be brought every day.

Sweatshirt/Light Jacket: A warm sweatshirt, fleece or light jacket must be brought everyday.

Water bottle: A full, reusable water bottle should be brought every day.
Swim Check:  All students (except Mummichogs) will be subject to a swim check.  This is to ensure that all students can swim, and are comfortable in the water. Please contact BCB with any questions.

Belly Biology:

All Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Intermediate sailors participate in Belly Biology one day a week. Each class will get a Belly Biology schedule of dates and activities for their session.


Bad weather:

We will sail on rainy days unless it is also very windy or there is the possibility of thunder and lightning. BE SURE YOUR CHILD BRINGS ADEQUATE RAIN GEAR AND WARM CLOTHING. If it is raining hard or there is the possibility of thunder and lightning, we will be canceling classes because we do not have enough shelter for activities. We do have enough space to keep everyone safe and dry while waiting for pick up. If the weather or forecast necessitates cancellation, you will get an email before the class is scheduled to start. If we must end the class early due to severe weather, you will be notified via text or email to come pick up your student.


Class Problems:

Most problems are pretty easy to fix, but we need to know about them. Staff are often very busy immediately before and after class. If you have an issue you need discussed, arrange with the Head Instructor for a good time to meet.



Each class builds on the skills taught in the previous class, so regular attendance is important. Please notify us if your child will not be in class on any particular day.


Drop off time:
It is very important that you bring your student to class on time. Since our sailboats are located across the harbor from the Marina where you will be dropping your child off, we will be transporting students via powerboat over to our sailing area. We can not wait for late students to arrive. And we will not be making special trips to pick up late students. Early drop-offs are also not allowed, as our staff uses that time to prepare boats and equipment for the days’ activities.

Pick up time:

Please be prompt in picking up your student. If you are late, we have to remain with your child until his/her ride comes. Students are not permitted to hang around before and after classes.

Town of Bourne beach stickers will be needed to park in the Marina parking lot at BCB events.

For questions about ANYTHING here, please contact Amy at  Thanks!