Sail Expos & Community Picnic

Sail Expos are a chance for our sailors to show their stuff by sailing just off the beach at Monument Beach- great viewing for families to see what they learned! We have a morning session Expo, followed by the community picnic, then the afternoon session Expo.
Sail Expo for Session A will be this Friday July 20.
Morning Classes: Beginners & Advanced Beginners- Drop off as usual at 8:30am, Sail Expo and certificates 11am-Noon.
Community Picnic: 12-1pm- All invited.  BCB will provide cold cuts and sandwich makings from Gray Gables market, please sign up to bring a side or a dessert with you to share.  Hope to see you there!
Afternoon Classes: Intermediates, Adventures in Sailing, Learn to Race- Drop off 1pm as usual. Intermediates ONLY Sail Expo 1pm-about 2pm.  After the expo, students can be dismissed, or can stay until 4:30 as usual.  Adventures in Sailing and Learn to Race have NO Sail Expo- they sail as usual.
Note about parking:  BCB encourages everyone who is able to buy beach stickers to avoid parking tickets.  If you or your family is coming in to see the Expo and do not have a sticker, please park on the grass at the back of the lot, to try to avoid parking tickets.  BCB families WERE ticketed at this event last year.
Contact with questions.