Bourne Community Boating

Sponsorship of Phinney’s Harbor Day is a great way to get your business noticed at this popular, family-friendly fundraiser!  PHD is our single largest event of the summer, with the goal of filling our Scholarship fund.  BCB gives away around $10,000 each year to the families of Bourne in the form of residency discounts and need-based scholarships.  To do this, we depend on the generosity of local businessses.  Businesses in turn get great exposure at our event and on the tshirts that are seen around town year-round.

Tax-deductible sponsorships are available at several levels.  Contact BCB at amy@bournecommunityboating.org with any quesitons!

Deckhand: Below $300 Company logo on BCB website and company name on PHD tshirt.

Mate: $300 and over: Above, but company logo on PHD shirt.

Captain: $1000 Above, but LARGE banner logo on PHD shirt.

Current Sponsors:

Ballentine’s Boat Shop

Bucky Barlows Boat Yard

Clay Pond Boatworks

Doughdish, LLC

Gray Gables Market

Stuart Knockabout, LLC

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